Helpful Resources

Important links for aspiring writers in film & tv.

William Martel has spent years giving solid actionable advice on film and t.v. writing with a focus on nuts & bolts story crafting.
Ink Tip has great notices for producers seeking screenplays and also great sales tips for writers.

Ask the Expert
A list of individuals or organizations willing to provide free expert information to writers.

The Craft
Get writers’ behind-the-scenes takes on how they crafted the scripts for today’s most popular, exciting and original films and TV shows.

Industry Organizations Links
Other writers guilds and unions, film and TV organizations, film festivals, and interactive and artists’ rights organizations.

Now Playing
A free e-newsletter Writers Guild of America West with the latest content from plus a calendar of upcoming WGAW screen and TV writing-related events.

The Writers Workbench
A column offering guidance to writers trying to make sense of our bewildering technology-based universe.

Written By
In-depth stories from Written By, the official magazine of the Writers Guild of America West, including extra content not found in the print version.
Subscribe to the WGAW’s official YouTube channel.

WGAW Agency List
A list of agencies representing film, television and interactive writers.